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1513 Cumberland Falls Hwy
Corbin, KY 40701
Will Howard
General Manager


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Now Available: Skip the Shop® Pick-up and Delivery.

Johnny Wheels and Tire Discounters - A Good Ol' Family-Owned Partnership

At Johnny Wheels the company mission has been to provide the best in tires and repairs. And now that Johnny's has joined the Tire Discounters family, here's the part of that mission that's changing - nothing.

When you step into the Corbin shop you'll still feel right at home with the same staff that's as friendly as they are skilled. And now, we offer all sorts of new things like a free alignment with standard 4-tire installation!


The Home of Free Alignment


We include a FREE alignment with standard installation on a 4-tire purchase. So, if all you need is an alignment, we've gotten pretty good at it!
  • Automotive Tires


    We carry all major brands of tires. If you're looking for the same brand of tires that came on your vehicle, we've got it. And each of our stores stock about 4 times as many tires as a typical tire store.


    Our job isn't to sell you brakes. Our job is to make sure you are safe and that your brakes are ready for anything. Even if that anything is a daredevil squirrel. We will explain the suggested or required brake services needed, and give you a written copy of our brake diagnostics. Or, we'll get to say "you're good - nothing needed!"


    There's nothing like a well-oiled machine for safety and longevity. Next to you, regular oil changes are your vehicle's best friend. And it's the least expensive maintenance you can do to maximize engine life and reduce repairs. We offer the greenest and most comprehensive oil changes in the business.


    Fluid Exchanges and Fuel System Service go hand in hand with oil changes - taking care of the life-blood of your vehicle. Your owner's manual will recommend how often this work should be done. It varies. Our ASE Certified technicians can help advise you, and make sure that whatever needs doing is done right.
  • Shocks & Struts


    By the time you drive 50,000 miles, your shocks will have cycled about 87,500,000 times. And that's usually the time to replace them. (Duh!) Then, not only will your vehicle handle better and more safely - the difference in the ride? OMG.
  • Custom Wheels and Performance Upgrades

    Custom Wheels & Accessories

    Sure, cars take you from point A to point B, but c'mon, we know it's more than that! Whether it's custom wheels, a lift kit, or performance brakes - we'll help you take your vehicle to the next level. We've got all the cool bells and whistles, plus state-of-the-art technology like flush-mount alignment racks and touchless mounting and balancing.


  • Receive a free alignment with 4-tire purchase with TD Standard Installation at any Tire Discounters location. That's a $129.99 value plus a 12-month warranty!


    Receive a free alignment with 4-tire purchase with TD Standard Installation at any Tire Discounters location. That's a $129.99 value plus a 12-month warranty!
  • Up to $230 Total Savings on Select Michelin Tires

    $70 INSTANT SAVINGS ON 4 MICHELIN TIRES OR $35 INSTANT SAVINGS ON 2 MICHELIN TIRES. Plus, get up to $110 mail-in rebate on a select set of Michelin Tires. Plus, get a $50 mail-in rebate when you use your Tire Discounters credit card.
  • Up to $170 Total Savings on any set of Pirelli Tires OR $60 Instant on any 2 Pirelli Tires

    Receive $120 instant savings when purchasing ANY set of Pirelli Tires or $60 instant savings if you buy any 2 Pirelli Tires! Plus receive a free alignment ($129.99 value) with every 4-tire standard installation! Plus, get a $50 mail-in rebate when you use your Tire Discounters credit card.
  • Up to $150 Total Savings on Cooper Tires or $50 Instant on any Pair

    $100 INSTANT SAVINGS ON 4 COOPER TIRES OR $50 INSTANT SAVINGS ON 2 COOPER TIRES Plus, get a $50 mail-in rebate when you use your Tire Discounters credit card.

That's a $129.99 value plus a 12-month warranty!

You won’t find anyone else offering a free alignment with standard 4-tire installation, or allowing you to Skip the Shop with free pick up and delivery. Tire Discounters: service so good, it’s stupid-good.
The Home of Free Alignment

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Rating 1.0
Total Number of Reviews: 1
Total Number of Reviews: 1
  • 1.0 out of 5.0
    Rating 1.0
    This place is a JOKE the service sucks and if they can't find something wrong with your car they will make something up, I bought a brand new set of MICHILINS supposed to have a LIFETIME warranty, when I went back for the rotation and my FREE oil change after 3 months (They insisted they owed me a oil change for buying a FULL SET and paying in FULL) they then tried charging for, but ended charged me for a tire plug stated I had a screw in my tire and charged me $35.00, same day I left the shop my car had a BAD SHACK and does NOT drive smoothly now and the tire sensor lights are on on 2 tires!!! When I called back the manager was very RUDE and denied Breaking 2 of my tire sensors and said they have batteries in them and that my car was so old that they all were probably bad which was another LIE my car is a 2013 BUICK LACROSSE, I will be calling BBB on these scammers and I will be getting a lawyer to see what I can do to get my money back, I will never recommend anyone to go here and I will never be back!!
    Tire Discounters
    We take great pride in our craft and strive to have all of our locations operating at a high level, Carla. We make every effort to ensure that our services are consistent. Thanks for alerting us to your experience. We would definitely like to connect to learn more. Please send your preferred contact information to so we can get back in touch with you, and please include a copy of your review for reference. We hope to hear back from you soon and look forward to connecting you with a TD team member.


  • ASE Certifications

    Our ASE Certified Technicians have the training and expertise to make sure the job is done right.
    Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
  • MAP Standards

    It’s all about peace of mind. Our membership in MAP means, among other good things, that before we service your vehicle, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing - why we’re doing it, and how much it will cost.
    Motorist Assurance Program (MAP)
  • Michelin Certified Tire Technicians

    We proudly employ Michelin certified tire technicians!
    Michelin Certified Tire Technicians
  • MTD top Independent Tire Dealer's of 2020

    Tire Discounters is once again in the top 10 of Modern Tire Dealer's top 100 independent tire dealers in the United States. Retailers are ranked by the number of retail, commercial, and combination commercial/retail outlets. Tire Discounters appears as #8 with 137 retail locations.
    Modern Tire Dealer 8th Largest Independent Tire Dealer in the U.S.

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